6 incredible Coffee Art: Melbourne

Do feel coffee is just for drinking only, or for just the bolt it gives you in the morning? Think again as we sample some local talent here ion Melbourne that have turn coffee making into an art.

The milk act as  the instruments with which to curve stylistic imagry : and the dark latte, standing in as the canvas where Aussie “geniuses” display their abilities. In no particular order, here are some of the beautiful art Melbournians create with their coffee.

  • Mira Pankage ( the Fern)



  • Patrick simmon (the Phoenix)
  • 2.jpg


  • Seet Yppng Loh ( Sprinkler dust clouds)

dust cloud.jpg

  •  Jon  (Waves)


  • Seet Yppng Loh (Flowers petals)


  • Jai Honeybrook (The Face)


  • (Medusa)



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