Artist Paints Famous Cartoon Characters Before Their Morning Coffee

We all know somebody who looks like this in the early hours of the day…

Ever seen your face in the mirror in the morning and go arrrh, Ugly! Apparently you aren’t the only one. Our favorite cartoon characters ,it seems , do go through with similar reactions in the morning too.Most seem gloom without a cup of coffee to kiss start their day.


The arts are the works of Sam Milham Art (Sam Milham) showing portraits of famous cartoon characters before they’ve had their caffeine fix in the morning.  Apparently other famous people are into his art too.

He recently got mentioned by Robert Downey Jr (iron man) and in appreciation made an Iron man cartoon too. He shared this on his Facebook wall after that happened.

 “So this just happened…. Robert Downey Jr shared my work, we’re basically best buds now. You could imagine my shock.”


Below are a few of his works, hope you enjoy them as much as we did in the offices here in sunny Melbourne. Share, and show it to your friends..


Potatohead man without coffee funny



Ironman firing that cup with a blast of coffee before a fight



Star-wars character—Master Yoda without Coffee, the force is definitely lost here.



From the Simpson cartoon–  Bart Simpson looking really gloomy without morning Coffee



Sponge bob square pants  looking so down, wander how squidward is doing.



The Teletubbies aren’t always happy it seem. Where is my coffee Arrh



The Japanese character hello kitty seemed tired out



poor Tweetie seem lost without her coffee




Bugs bunny without coffee

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