Korean Artist draws Love in beautiful Illustrations

Puuung, an artist  from South Korea with  over a 100k followers on Instagram and is currently featuring her amazing works in a number of LOTTE galleries throughout Seoul, draws beautiful illustrations of love between partners. With each artwork,she tries to find the romance in sharing and loving in everyday activities. Her work which is tittled “LOVE IS…” hopes to find the beauty in social connection between lovers and families are inspired by the French animator  Sylvain Chomet.

“Love is something that everybody can relate to, And love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks.” she had written on her Facebook page. She is also offering to draw her one of her lucky fan. To enter visit :  Win a free Illustration

Belows are samples of her works. Interested? go check her Facebook page for more pictures.

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LOVE IS… : Cuddling on a sofa together.

Watching A Movie Cuddling Together


LOVE IS:… watching the stars together.

Stargazing Together


LOVE IS… : Helping her get to the top shelf

Visiting The Library Together


LOVE IS… Is working late at night together

Doing Your Own Work While Being In The Same Room


LOVE IS…: Surprising him with presents

Surprising Him With Tickets To A Concert Of His Favorite Band


LOVE IS….: Celebrating together

Lighting Up Some Sparklers Just For Fun

LOVE IS:… Traveling together

Taking Photos Of Each Other When Traveling To New Places


LOVE IS…: Dancing in the Rain together.



LOVE IS:… laughing at the middle of the Night together

Laughing In The Middle Of The Night


LOVE IS… Sharing Kisses in dark alleys



LOVE IS:…Stop reading just to give her a kiss

Stopping Reading For A Bit Just To Give Her A Kiss


LOVE IS:… Getting her/him takeouts

Getting Take Out Food For Her


LOVE IS:…watching the night sky over the ocean

Watching The Sea At Night


LOVE IS:… Getting together for game night.

Playing Video Games Together


LOVE IS:… Standing together through each other’s hard times

Comforting Each Other When Times Are Hard


LOVE IS:… Talking about places you want to go.

Talking About The Places You Want To Go


LOVE IS:… Hugging him all the time

Hugging Him When He's Sitting At His Desk


LOVE IS…:  Dancing together alone; just the two of you.

Dancing In The Middle Of Your Living Room, Just The Two Of You


LOVE IS:… Sleeping in bed next to him, and cuddling through the night

Sleeping In A Warm Bed Next To Him, Covered With His Arm To Protect You From Any Evil Thing


LOVE IS …: Long goodbye Kisses

Always Kissing Goodbye


LOVE IS…: Comforting each other when in pain.LOVE IS… : Carrying her around xoxo.

Carrying Her When She's Too Tired To Walk


LOVE IS…: Picnics together

Having A Picnic To Celebrate Spring


LOVE IS …: Going new places together

Traveling To New Places


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