Artist Unmaskes Famous Cartoon characters.

Alex Solis, a Chicago based artist hopes to put a spin on pop-culture characters  with in his illustrations, “Icons Unmasked.” He has previously tried his hands on the another theme ” predators and preys” , which poked fun at the one sided symbioses between preys and their hunters. He currently has over 220K followers on instagram where he shares his work.

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You could checkout some of his works below, They made us laugh, hope they do the same to you.


Simpson character; Mr Buns was Trump all along! shocker.

Icons Unmasked


Ned Flanders was breaking bad the Hindenburg way

Icons Unmasked


  Batman was just a bat? confusing



The Jocker was a clown?

Icons Unmasked


Ok Mortal combat fans, Frozen’s Princess Ana was Sub-zero?

Icons Unmasked


Papa Smuff was in the Avatar state

Icons Unmasked


The angry Hulk was angry bird? </h2>



Patrice in Sponge-bud Square pants is Martins Prince?

Icons Unmasked


from Ghost-busters’ Ghost Slimer  is Gasper the friendly Ghost

Icons Unmasked


Well this males sense, the Minions are the stormtroopers

Icons Unmasked


C3p0 from the Star-wars Franchise gets a  reveal hahaha kitchen Nanny?

Icons Unmasked


Waldo is truly Memo in disguise? whooooh

Icons Unmasked



Well no suprices here. Every suspected Peter Griffin to be Homer Simpson

Icons Unmasked


Mr Crab is doctor dork?

Icons Unmasked

Mster Yoda is master shredder they were always similar

Icons Unmasked


Donkey Eeeoorr was Sadness all along, that explains a lot

Icons Unmasked


Jaja bing was a imposer , o dear another buffoon

Icons Unmasked


Teeger was a Tiger. This made a great pun in the offices

Icons Unmasked


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