Get trapped in Japan with impressive Photos by Artists

Two desingers  Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov and Nina Geometrieva both spent some time in Japan. What made their visit very peculiar was where they stayed through their stay. Spending  about two whole days in the Nakagin Towers.

Nakagin was a Capsule Hotel. It has rectangular cubicles instead of rooms; like a mouse hole– only big enough for a human to crawl in. But, what they brought back was even more amazing. Pictures, and short clips on how comfortable those capsules were, and how thing ran smoothly on the other end of the Pacific ocean.

Nakagin Tower is one of those rather rare examples of buildings where the exterior matches the interior perfectly. The compact minimalism you can observe from outside, permeates into the rooms and hallways creating a much fuller, more impactful experience. The sounds that the windows made when you adjusted them utterly surpassed any horrific sound in existence.”

Damin had written on his medium account. To see their full project click here Medium or Nina’s website (Adobe Id).

Damjan : Facebook ||  Instagram

Nina:     Website




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