Satire of police around the world

With the recent social uneven around the world, artist Gunduz Agayev took it on himself to illustrate the police forces around the world. From Europe to Asia, Africa to the Americas, police are shown in depictions of what they are mostly know for or do regularly.

He currently has over 71k likes on Facebook, and hopes his drawings would force  conversations – around the globe- on police brutality and, other issues associated with their operations. Below are some of his work. Be sure to visit his site for more .

Gunduz:       Website || Facebook


BRASIL (samba and carnival)

SWEDEN (Feminist movement)

THe USSR  (defunct)

NORTH KOREA (Kim the Buddha )

SOUTH SUDAN (Hunger and stifle)

INDIA (bollyhood policing)

CHINA (on the back of peasants)

TURKEY (tool of the Turkish executives)

UAE (in a love relationship with the prince)

BRITAIN (centaurs that do nothing)

RUSSIA ( Hail Putin)

NETHERLANDS (sound of music)

IRAN ( the morality enforcers)

AZERBAIJAN ( PreSs freedom TKO)

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