Boys Vs Girls on Instagram pictures

Bros Being Basic  is the hottest male only account on Instagram right now. The account was created in 2014, and currently has over 475k followers. And, when you scroll through their pictures, it’s easy to see why. This account parodies the poses often adopted by ladies modeling for their own social photographs.It nothing serious,and had no message. Just quirky pictures to laugh about.

Well, for those of you who lack the means to view the pictures or haven heard of it, take a look at the pictures below to see what all the fun is about. Some of the pictures got us laughing here in Melbourne hope it give you same joy.

P.S: Read the hashtags associated with the pictures.

BrobeingBasic : Instagram

Group Hands On Butts

Brushing Your Teeth While Naked

There's Nothing More Beautiful Than Motherhood

The First Day Of Spring


Just Opened My Cosmetics Gift Box

Hanging Out In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

Pretending To Be A Mermaid

Sun's Out Buns Out

Countdown to Wedding Day

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy

Jumping For Joy

Luxury Hotel Treatment

Trying To Break The Internet

Drinking Wine With Your BFF In Front Of The TV

Trip To Burger King

Pampering Yourself

Me And My Healthy Breakfast Bowl

Drinking Wine With Your BFF In Front Of The TV

Fresh Out Of The Shower


Because Mondays Are Made For 2 Cupcakes Not Just 1

Relaxing In The Bath With The Mud Pack

Follow Me To The Weekend

Treat Yourself Tuesday

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