Scuptures of Bullets : Brillant Designs

What do you do with left over ammunition from wars?  You could destroy them or turn them into something more beautiful than killing. Colombian Sculpture choose the later and made beautiful art works from materials around him: Leather, bullets, iron.

For an artist who comes from a country that has been at war for almost half a century, this achievement is a way of reconciliation with life: “I have the hope,” says Uribe, “that people who relate to my sculptures and live with them, will see the love I put into them. I want people to feel that I do this with a lot of careful attention and the purpose of beauty. I give my life to my work and I want people to see it.” Uribe

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Federico Uribe lives and works in Miami. His artwork resists classification. Rooted in the craft of sculpture and paint, it rises from intertwining everyday objects in all possible and surprising ways, but still with a formal reference to the history and tradition of classical art.

Be sure to visit his site and support his Art, below are samples of his bullet sculpture.

Uribe: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Tumblr















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