Impressive sculpture fountians

Malgorzata Chodakowska, a polish designer  who studied of sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,   has created  a new form of sculpture, where bronze forms are completed by water– erupting from the statues in unlikely places.

The  water creates a motion that gives Chodakowska’s sculptures a human-like presence, and somehow feels sort of magical.  She said her statues took about  2-6 months to complete depending on its complexity and starts from modelling clay,fountains spread the pure joy of life, combining the element of water with the raw material – bronze.”

She has held exhibitions in , Graz (Österreich), Tokio (Japan), Dresden, Berlin, Radebeul, Zittau, Kisslegg, St.Petersburg (Russland), Stuttgart, Bad Schandau, Pirna, Wernigerode, Ulm, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Winningen, Wroclaw, Lodz (Polen), Großsedlitz, Glauchau, Veksolund (Dänemark), Rottach-Egern.

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