Artist designs exquisite live size insects sculptures from recycled Materials

What do you do with waste materials and a love for the natural environment?    Apparently,you fuse both to produce beautiful insects and plants.The works below are that of the UK based part time photographer and graphic designer Kate Koto.

The insects are all hand cut using a scalpel and some of them are embroidered by hand to create their patterns and textures. Her art specimens are all made  using recycled paper, wire and thread. A an insect lover, she has a collect of  over 100 different species already with orders coming from abroad.

She grew up in the city of Bristol in the UK and developed a love for art and creativity going on to major in Graphic Designs in the  University of the West of England gaining an Art Foundation and a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Below  are some of her works. Be sure to visit her sites and support her  arts by  ordering for her works.

Kate kato: Website ||Facebook || Twitter || Instagram


webpage collection copy

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