Amazing 3d pencil drawing: Indian Artist

Sachin Kamath is an artist who creates drawing illusions,almost realist 3d drawings with just pencils. He art are so realistic they  leave one in a state where you cannot be sure which is real and which is drawn. Citing his website page;

I am a self-taught artist/ Aerospace engineer. Not sure if I will end up in a studio or a laboratory, or maybe both.
I was able to rediscover in myself the talent and passion for highly detailed and realistic artworks. I aspire to create art as candid as eyes could see, capturing every intricate detail of my subject and meticulously portraying them on a sheet of paper.

This process engineer sure has the skill s for imprinting great images on paper. He shares his images on his Facebook page which has over 14k likes and growing. See some of his works below.

Contact:  Website | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram
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