Amazing Realistic 3D street art

Street arts are amazing. A big part of the life-style here in Melbourne; they are vibrate and offer a sense of “buzzing” seductiveness to the streets along center place.

In our wondering about, we found a form of street art that looks almost “too good to be unreal” Nikolaj Arndt,  born  1975 in a little town in Russia named Gavrilov Posad is a stret artist who specializes in creeping the hell-out-of-people with his beautiful 3d representations.

He made his studies at a Pedagogic Artist College. During the following 10 years, he lived in the city Iwanovo and had often the chance to pursue his passion: the painting.
In 2006, Nikolaj Arndt moved to Germany. Since 2009 he participates at street art festivals in different cities and states, applying his technique of 3D art.
Nikolaj Arndt currently teaches at a private art school and is working together with advertising agencies and galleries.

Be sure to see some of his works below.

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