Man dresses up his grand pa, and It is adorable

Although fashion tends to skew towards the younger population, a photographer and his grandfather prove that looking great can come at any age—even when you’re 85. The photographer  XiaoYeJieXi(@ 小野杰西) on Weibo, ( chinese form of twitter)  dressed the octogenarian in fashionable pieces like colorful three-piece suits, felted hats, and tailored denim. XiaoYeJieXi then photographed his grandfather among a vibrant cityscape, resulting in series that looks like it’s on the pages of a glossy magazine.

weibo | (/.mymordenmet)

The photographer behind XiaoYeJieXi decided to take his grandfather on a tour of the town…

…and to dress him up in some more fashionable digs for the day!

Now, this old grandpa looks like a model from GQ

Magazine cover, right here!

Can you believe that this is the same man featured above?

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