Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures into dark surreal art

What do you think, scared ?


Illustrator Zeenchin, aka Zeen Art, blends the influences Asian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures into dark surreal worlds. The Malaysian artist who currently work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for Applibot and Kingdom Death shared some of his work on Facebook.

This former Art Director for Malaysia 3D CGI animation studio, created several of these Surreal art forms, some hauntingly beautiful, and others downright scary;  all pictures of ladies of the east Asian origins with his caricature forms of little demons.

He worked on Legend Of The Cryptids, Galaxy Saga and Kingdom Death, and several other animation project. You can take a look for your self. Be sure to have enough light in the room before you do.

Zeen Art:  Website |Facebook | Deviantart | Behance

http://img10.deviantart.net/311b/i/2015/346/7/7/incantation_by_zeen84-d9julyr.jpgWAR by ZeenChinDisguise by ZeenChinSong of Soul by ZeenChin

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