Talk of a cool Dad : Recreates horror scenes with Daughters

We all had nightmares as kids either about monster under t. But what of you had the bed or creepy things happening to our parents. But this parent takes it one to further , Joshua Hoffie from Kansas plays dress up with his daughters to prove monsters aren’t real.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Hoffine has spent the past decade turning nightmares into reality. Using cameras, props, and a twisted sense of imagination, and the assistance of his two daughters and wife, the photographer also uses his daughters as models in his macabre and menacing masterpieces.

His most well-known series, called ‘After Dark My Sweet’, focuses on the sorts of nightmares we’ve all had as children with some of his works below and if you’d like to own your own collection of his surreal images visit his website.

Contact: Website  | Facebook | Twitter


And as you can see from these pictures, they certainly are nightmarish!

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