Hopping cats anyone?


Hey there, do you like pouncing Cats , and photography ?  if the answer is yes , then we have have got the perfect mix to make your day.

 Seth Casteel , the artist and author whose previous works include  underwater puppies and underwater babies, is back with photographed felines, and this time they ‘pounce’.


His book of animal portraits features more than 80 previously unpublished photographs of cats and kittens captured as they leap, and jump , mid-action style. The photographer collaborated with animal shelters and warefare groups across the US and Canada, to help homeless cats.

Every single featured kitten is available for adoption, or had been already rescued, at the time he snapped the pictures. His brilliant shots form a humorous and heartwarming series of images for the cat-obsessed and pet obsessed at heart. Please visit his site for more.

Contact:   website | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram



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