A Bunny gets one cool shade and a photoshop war ensues

For one thing , the access to editing tools (Softwares ) is common place , like cat on the Internet the after effect on an editing war is always fun to look at. No one require any extra invitation to have fun , so when   James Gould-Bourn  bored panda puts a pair of sun glasses on his bunny and puts up a snap of that adorable cutie on the web, the trolls did need any second invitation have have fun with it.

What they came up with were some of the most Hilarious photo-shop edits on the planet. Below are some of  the fantastic ways they try to make the poor bunny look even more cuter.

#1 Doc Bunny Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme Just Arrived From The Hole.


#2 BUN teacher



#3 secret service bunny

Secret Service Bunny


#4 myth busting bunny



#5 The Rogue-bunny

Biker Bunny


#6 Swedish house Dog and Bunnys


With Pals


#7 Chewie-bunny



#8 lethal Bunny

From A Different Scene



You Know You Love Me


#10 no idea bunny

Hunter S. Rabbit

you could go check out the more of the pictures on the link above.


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