Tech Abbreviations we all use but have no idea what they mean.


We are all guilt of this most times.  We use these tech abbreviations causally without know what they represent or mean completely. Well, the good folks at @ausquerry took the time to crawl the Internet- putting interns to good use- for answers and we were able  find answers to some of the common ones.

Drum row please, and here are the ten most used tech abbreviations words and their meaning in the best possible templates. Hold to your learning hats, and scroll below for some Aussie styled schooling.

1. Cable connection

2. Economic term

3.Video Player

4. Internet Search

5. Email copying

6. Website text structure

7. Television

8. Digital books

9. Browsing the Net

10. Mobile messages

11. website address

12.Encrypted connection

13. website storage

14. connection cable


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