Horrible reality if we switch places with Animals

What have we not done to them?

we have boiled , cooked , fatten and even removed their skins for fashion and horns, tusk for ornaments.  what if they are us? By some weird happenstance the animals wine up on the top of the food chain and not us? how would we feel to be skinned and chopped,  and packed into unhygienic places  before slaughter to reduced the cost of Burgers.

We at Ausquerry happen to crawled the web for scenarios where animals switched roles; and are every bit as cruel .Although an utopia where meat isn’t eaten isn’t possible,, but this hope to drive home the very troubling issues of animal cruelty.  Just because we eat them doesn’t mean we have to treat them bad.

Support:  AWS | WFF australia | Australiaanimals

#The Rabbit’s Foot for good luck charm



#2 Shark and whale hunting ( As they help to keep the Eco-system balanced )




#3 The beloved America Thanksgiving event of Turkey stuffing



#5 Duck Hunting



#6 Animal Carting



#7 Boiling Lobster alive



#8 Taking Selfies with Baby Dolphines




#9 Using corc skin as Fashion



#9 El Madedor culture ( Spain)



#10 Leaving pet out in bad weather



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