Billy Bogiatzoglou ‘s Digital Engraved Entomology.

A black backdrop against splash of gold on contoured canvases .  This is the unique work of Billy Bogiatzoglou , a Uk based digital artist  specialized in the unique art of digital 3d imprinting.

Engraved entomology’ sees the digital inscription of gold colored emblems  on the exoskeleton of various arthropods and some human skull. The result is an inspiring grid of 3d images of insects in different assemble ; producing a mix of surreal beauty , awe and shock as one click through project.

Media: website : Facebook : Twitter : Tumblr : InstagramDeviantart 


The Art Director at Bolder Creative said to have spent years honing his craft , and expanding his digital skill set in order to create art forms sur as this says he only used simple tools.  And had created “Engraved entomology ”  using only his sketchbook and a Wacom tablet.

He  shares his art work on most social platform and also offers them as printout for sell. They are available for viewing and order on  Behance and other works on display here.




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