There is little shortage of  iconic arts in Rome. But Italian photographer ,Domenico Franco adds a modern twist to year of art history on the street of the eternal city. For this project, he had spent sometime digitally assembling life-size LEGO replicas of Italian transport vehicles , and imprinting them near strategic locations- of both cultural and historical significance – in and around the city of Rome.

integrated larger-than-life LEGO lamborghinis, helicopters, tractor trailers, and camper vans making their way through the italian capital’s cobblestone roads and parking in front of the world’s most famous architectural landmarks. ON the idea behind the project , Franco had said :

‘his aim is to transform ordinary contexts in extraordinary ones, compelling the toys to get out of the idyllic and politically correct landscapes belonging to their perfect and idealistic cities, with the result of instilling in them those vices, virtues and desires typical of human beings.’

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  Franco calls this project  ‘LEGO outside LEGOLAND’  because  , as the theme suggest ,he had hoped to take Lego ( a brick and , building toy ) out of the its normal melieu into “real society” .  containing a series of nine lego-vehicles , placed on different location ; on cobbled streets , around the colosseum , and on the junction of a busy Italian street

He does offers printout of the photographs for sale on his site here.