Life size Pandora Baby Dolls from Avatar :the movie.

Silicon outer layer, carbon fiber reinforced interior for added structure and touched with blue and sparkles.  Dolls have never been so close from the real thing. This commercial product is the work of the Spanish design firm BabyCalon which specializes in humanoid dolls.
With each unit costing $2,000 USD each , Babycalon is hoping it could sell the dolls on it likeness to the movie Avatar;  a 2001 action block buster glossing over a billion dollars worldwide. 
As a plus to potential buyers , Babycalon dolls come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a serial number and model type, as well as its chip number.

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The skins are made from a special type of platinum medical silicone, silicone because it has very little oil in its composition, which then to make for a longer lasting doll.


Sculpted : Micky Paiano.
Sculpture supervisor: Cristina Iglesias
Mould maker: Vanesa Escalada.
Prop maker: Eugeni Iglesias



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