+10 Stunning photos From The Siena International Photo Awards

Art Photo Travel is a no-profit association that creates cultural initiatives aimed at spreading, promoting and enhancing art, monuments, traditions, cultures and natural beauty from all around the world. Initiatives and projects address not only at those who love art and culture, but also to those interested in the most unknown and less touristy spots of various worldwide locations.

An approach focus to mature awareness towards a culture mainly orientated to support the understanding of places, of populations and of people. Art Photo Travel holds every year an international photography contest, the Siena International Photo Awards, in order to set up a new opportunity to favour the gathering among people, photography lovers, art and culture enthusiasts.

The Siena International Photo Awards is open to all photographers, professionals, enthusiasts and new talents from all around the world.

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1° CLASSIFIED Sports (Tromsø, Norway )

A friend skiing at night, descends a 10 meter high clifftop in Tromso, Norway. The challenge was quite demanding because the night was much darker than it appears in the photo. So much so, that it was impossible to see where one might land. The image is the result of a long exposure and the use of a specific flash pointed to capture the subject during action. Audun Rikardsen (NO)



2° CLASSIFIED Monochrom (jakata )

This photo was taken in Jakarta and shows two men who proudly watch their roosters fighting. Cockfighting is one of the most common traditions among several Indonesian cultures. Pimpin Nagawan (ID)



HONORABLE MENTION Monochrom (Bagan, Myanmar)

The image was taken in one of Bagan’s temples in Myanmar. It captures a very special moment when a sunbeam enters through a small window and hits the statue’s heart while a monk is cleaning the statue at the same time. Gunarto Gunawan (ID)


Sardine Run ( South Africa )

” During the sardines’ migration along the coast of South Africa, all marine predators are looking for sardines! lucky to be at the right place at the right time to capture this moment capture”  Greg Lecoeur (FR)


2° CLASSIFIED (South Borneo )

The snake in this photograph is curled in defense, knowing that its best chance for survival lies in attacking the much larger Crested Serpent Eagle. Antonius Andre Tjiu (ID)



1° CLASSIFIED  Open colour (Vietnam )

In a small village in southern Vietnam near Phan Rang, a woman wearing a typical cone hat is creating a fishing net in their traditional manner. The manufacturing of handmade nets is still a typical Vietnamese activity for women which they carry on while their husbands are out fishing. Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)


HONORABLE MENTION Open color (Shengshan, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province)

The waves look like a volcanic eruption, like a giant tree eradicated and covering all the fragile buildings on the bank. The contrast between the waves and the building is representative of force and weakness, brightness and darkness, movement and stillness and conveys the idea of human weakness in the face of nature. Changming Liu (CN)



HONORABLE MENTION Open colour ( Vietnam )


On the sand dunes of Mui Ne, situated close to its homonym city in South Vietnam, three girls are walking along the slope wearing their typical cone hats and carrying their scales, creating beautiful lines and shade effects on the sand. Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)



2° CLASSIFIED architecture  (AD)

Two women walking reflect their images on the water and give birth to the exaltation of the geometry and architecture of Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque. Ali Al Hajri (AE)



2° CLASSIFIED open colour (Langhe Cuneo )

Description: An autumnal glimpse of Cuneo’s Langhe taken at La Morra, portrays a wine producing area near Alba in a moment in which the light increases the beauty of the vineyards’ colors. Valentina Galvagno (IT)






This image shows the magnificence of erupting magma, ash and gas, during the first days of December 2015, which rose to a height of several kilometers above the summit of Mount Etna. Giuseppe Mario Famiani (IT)



1° CLASSIFIED Travel (Nazilli – Aydin – Turkey)

To take this shot, I had to climb a relief which allowed me to include interesting, colored greenhouses located near Nazilli. To make the picture more interesting, I waited for the moment when a Turkish peasant who was working with the strawberries entered the frame. Leyla Emektar (TR)



HONORABLE MENTION Travel ( Singapore Zoo )

The polar bear spends most of its time on land. When it gets too hot, it slowly slides into the pool and swims as if it were floating in weightlessness. Everything changes at feeding time, when the polar bear becomes very active and can be very interesting to watch. Alla Sokolova (FR)


HONORABLE MENTION Travel (Fujian, China)

Some people relaxing while reclining on chairs listening to a story in a Tea House, the traditional place for Chinese socialization. In Sichuan Province, China, the Tea House still has a vital role in the daily lives of the people: people enjoy the typical slow pace of their lifestyle. Aimin Wang (CN)




Description: Colors, facial expressions, people’s posture and a studied composition make this image particularly interesting as it portrays the Bhenwa family in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and is a true representation of the living conditions in this Indian city. Isa Ebrahim (BH)



3° CLASSIFIED Travel (South Borneo)

A floating market is a market where goods are displayed and sold from boats. Floating markets are developed in places where water transportation plays an important role in everyday life. Antonius Andre Tjiu (ID)



1° CLASSIFIED Portrait  (Baoji City, Shanxi Province, China)

In my work, I search for a bright and strong artistic effect, for a charming photographic language in shape, color and with the use of light. I pay great attention to the setting of the picture in an effort to combine the objectivity of the external world with my interiority, to obtain an image which represents both the “momentum” and my “artistic conception”. Following this general concept, I created my artwork “Mother and Son”. Jiming Lv (CN)




Venetian-born mask creator, Marilisa Dal Cason, is a woman with great passion who creates each of her masks’ identity from her own soul. According to Marilisa, every mask has its own personality. Dean Saffron (AU)

06657e4e9757745eda37054a233a5008 (1).jpg

HONORABLE MENTION architecture  (Larong Ditch, Seda County, Ganzi State, Sichuan Province)

I left Chengdu and arrived at Seda Tibetan Buddhist Institute, located at Larong Ditch, Seda County, Ganzi State, Sichuan Province. On that night it snowed a lot and the following morning the red houses of the Lamas and nuns were all covered with heavy snow. This was the first time that I saw such a scene and almost in shock, I took the picture. Qingjun Rong (CN).



HONORABLE MENTION architecture ( New york )

This shot, a view of Manhattan, was taken from Brooklyn, dock 3 of Columbia Street. 182 seconds of exposure on a late September afternoon 2015, during my honeymoon. That afternoon was pretty windy and the clouds were formed exactly as I hoped. When taking pictures with a long exposure, the sky always has its surprises. Giuseppe Antonio Valletta (IT)




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