Giants in Urban centers : Adrian Sommeling

Photoshop editing are a norm , but taking it one step further is perspective editing. This is where an object is made a little different to the dimensions of its backdrop.  Creating photos out of surreal situations, very often with his own son as  the main character within the scene. With  this latest project of giants in urban centers. Adrian Sommeling seeks disclose his own past and future stories.

Mr  Sommeling a photographer based in the Netherlands and  started his art in 1990 but only focused his creative energies on the advertising industry working with the government and  ad organisations.

 ” I love interacting with clients and I think I am very good at this.”  he said, ” and , I deeply believe in teamwork as one of the best means to improve and get any company’s achievements. In my earliest days my focus was on graphic and web design. “

However, some years afterwards photography, or rather digital art, has become his main preoccupation . What used to be canvas, oils and brushes have given way to photoshop and digital editing.


Media : website : Facebook : instagram : Twitter 


Mr Adrian  who also offer clients services and backgroud editing also  does video tutorial for people interested in his form of art. He uses Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw and the cartoonish effect is achieved by his working with the “emotions” and lighting of the taken photographs.

The images are mostly taken with a Nikon D3100, or an Olympus OMD interchangeably  and constantly shares his images and editing process on his facebook page with over 100k likes and growing.


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