Felicity Berkleef takes rainy photos of her cats.


Rainy days aren’t too great  but when  at home it could get really cozy. With a cup of coffee a warm blanket and a good book staring out the window as the cloud pour it tears over everyone else. But humans aren’t the only once who enjoy the warmth of the inside as pets : cats , dogs and birds seem to enjoy it too.

The  21 year old pet photographer from Holland Felicity has taken  it on herself to document her two cats Nero and Tommie as they enjoy the weather we all dread so much.


Media : Facebook : Instagram : Flickr 


Although they both love to go outside and explore the world, but when it’s raining it’s all indoors and most of it is spent at the large glass windows watching tiny droplets drive down the slippery glass faces.

So far sh has taken over a dozen photos of them and even pulled a blanket on them which they enjoy giving our delightful photos. As we admire other living entities apart from our enjoy  and make the best of nature.



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