Blending light and architecture for geometry across europe :Tobia Gwrish

Tobias Gawrisch :  website : Facebook : Instagram : 500px : Fotolia

Walking through water drenched streets – camera  in hand.  Never minding the rain  , as he wanders various corners and alleyways find my spot, this latest project took him over to find and more hours for an Image taking process to be completed.  Before now Tobias has been through various photographic communities, architecture forums and even Google Maps for new and amazing buildings he could  photograph.

” I  don’t mind travelling across countries to do so! he had said ,  ”  Since I’m live in Germany, most of my architecture photography comes from German cities (where I also host workshops on Architecture Photography in German) but I’m curious to travel to other countries to find even more interesting buildings!”

Characteristics of his images are “stunted  illumination  with shades ” achieved through  lengthy exposure time ( usually 8 min ) to allow in more light . The images , although of  different exposures are  blended together with  photoshop  , to recreate as much detail as possible ; preserving their characters and natural definitions during post-processing.

The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Vroenhoven, The Netherlands

Zeeland, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Tobias is a self-taught Germany based  professional photographer, who passion  revolves around  tracking  down amazing architecture and photographing  them in ways that really emphasises the architecture styles and vision of the architects ;  by simultaneously being a work of art in itself.

 He offers photography workshops  aimed at advanced photographers who already master the basic camera technology (manual exposure) and basic principles of the composition. Tobias who also do other types of  picture taking , categorize his types of photographic styles in four areas:

  • Food photography
  • Product photography
  • Architectural Photography (Interior / Outdoor)

And offer his images on his  portfolio  for public viewing and  also for purchase .


Hamburg, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany


New York City, USA

Boston, USA


Train Station Liège-Guillemins In Belgium

Liège, Belgium

Train Station Liège-Guillemins In Belgium


Barcelona, Spain

 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

 Rotterdam, Netherlands


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