The titanium Exo prosthetic Leg with sensory balancing

Mesh exo-prosthesis is custom-built for each wearer by scanning the corresponding intact limb and mirroring the image with rendering software before 3D printing the replacement limb. An array of pattern and color choices allow patients to further personalize the final product.  Molded from laser-sintered titanium,  to be light weight  and easy to make , culling the price of the conventional prostheses cheaper .

 William Root  a former operator  of Laser Cutters and 3D Printers it RP lab at Pratt Institute Lab seeks to  engineer ,  and  an industrial designer graduate of Pratt, hopes , with this futuristic structure of geometrically intersecting metal strands a better form of artificial limbs . Designed to merge structural strength, lightweight construction, and minimalist elegance, the hollow Exo Prosthetic Leg is molded from laser-sintered titanium into an intricate


Media : William Root (h/t)



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