John Lopez unveils life-size scrap metal sculptures

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Gargantuan horses , bears , dinosaurs and huge bisons dot the landscape in southern Dakota , USA. Mostly made up of scrap metals carefully welded bits by bits to  the shapes they are now;  almost life-sized creations in nature.

They cast a deliberate surreal feel of freedom across the plains , although daunting that task may seem , these structures have somehow managed to achieve the almost unattainable blend of  been out of sync yet fitting so well into the surrounding. These are the works of metal sculptural ; John Lopez.

Initially starting out as a  bronze sculptor he has gone on to create large and powerful beasts. Those fierce creatures are made of scrap metals fillings , sourced from his farmlands and ranges across the state.

“I am never bored. I look forward to each new creation,Lopez had said, and it is helping me grow and develop as an artist.” when asked by @Auquerry where he gets his inspiration from.


The South-Dakota based artist was motivated by his geography and desire to put waste metals to good use. And his ideas for sculptures comes from the ranches scattered along the Grand River in northwestern South Dakota—not far from where Sitting Bull was born and died. Not far from where thousands of buffalo were killed during the westward expansion of settlers and gold miners.

In the bone yards of Tyrannosaurus rex and grizzly bears. Since farmers and ranchers populated this chunk of reservation land, real cowboys have been roping and branding and sheering and haying and harvesting.











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