WOHA models Oasia green tower in downtown singapore


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Singapore-based architecture practice  WOHA   introduces  the oasia hotel tower . A big red facade with green crawlers covering it from top to bottom. The Oasia tower stands at 190.15 meters with four sky terraces, each  with a sky garden . This  distinctive façade composed of red aluminum mesh cladding , serving a an encasement and a climbing ridge for the different species of creepers, plants and flowers.

-based architectural practice founded by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell in 1994 – have gained global recognition for their integration of environmental and social principles at every stage of the design process. They have designed a diverse amount of innovative and highly influential projects, which have been built in a number of cities and countries, and their best-known projects have been widely publicised as benchmarks for sustainable design.

In the face of global warming, unprecedented urban population growth, and increasingly dysfunctional infrastructure, WOHA’s architectural strategies and planning principles are now applicable to every large city in the world. WOHA are intent upon improving the day-to-day existence of all city residents, whilst simultaneously preparing them for (and protecting them from) the impact of climate change.

As well as those of Asia, the ever-expanding cities of Europe, America and Africa, are now confronting their own social and infrastructural problems as the 21st century progresses. In order to avert an impending systemic collapse, the architecture and planning of all global cities require an urgent reappraisal at the level undertaken by WOHA.

WOHA's oasia hotel conceived as a living green tower in downtown singapore

WOHA’s oasia hotel would be a green beacon in the middle of singapore’s CBD infusing a fresh perspective into the already clustered skyline of singapore. This is not WOHA first project as the form and appearance of WOHA’s architecture is always guided by the local context and culture, and above all, by the local climatic conditions, which determine every energy-saving strategy.
In order to revitalise their urban environments, WOHA’s structures are designed to harmonise with and incorporate natural ecosystems, and to proactively encourage self-sufficient cities, which will have no need for the destructive use of artificial energy.



WOHA oasia hotel singapore designboom
WOHA oasia hotel singapore designboom

WOHA oasia hotel singapore designboom woha-oasia-hotel-downtown-singapore-designboom-02woha-oasia-hotel-downtown-singapore-designboom-02



The atrium is cooled by convection of the cold water of the pool and through drags from the top of the building.  And keep airy enough by epiphyte allowed to grow on the red facade of the building ( About 21 different species) . Also incorporated is the hanging garden for relaxation, aeration and also adding a bit of eco-corridor for the tropical birds and insects.
The hotel is located around the chinatown district ; across the hawker center. where it is serving as a backdrop to the rows of preserved singaporean colonial buildings in the CBD.


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