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Ask any new parents taking care of babies can be daunting. Dealing with the constant cries , vomits , pees and scratches to the face. But the reward far out weighs the troubles all parent know , and because babies are ” adorable “.

Roc Espinet, an animator and illustrator based in Barcelona , Spain explores this theme in his new strip ” The adorables” . Follow new parents Sara and Daniel as they learn to deal with their adorable Bebe troubles.







Roc who studied animation at 9Zeros School in Barcelona and has since worked as an animator in TV shows, movies, advertising and video games has over ten year of experience with illustration , and comic creation.

” As far as I can remember, I always liked drawing and storytelling. I always remember my primary class desk full of pencil drawn stories, until the teacher made me clean them”

He recently achieved his goal of crowd funding his new comic strip ; Wolf and Girl. And would still take orders.


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