Vivien Muller animates mundane tech devices for more interaction


The WatchMe (Watchus cyclopus) is a newfound species, a (h)armless cyclops monster that was endemic to Vivien Muller’s office, east of France in the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia.WatchMe has been selectively bred for months for various behaviors, cord management capabilities, and physical attributes.
It has no external ears and has very poor eyesight, however, it can be greatly improved by peculiar spectacles called « SmartWatch ».The domestic WatchMe performs many roles for people, such as decorating a bedside, companionship, and charging a wearable technology.A farmed WatchMe will be released at the end of year if a large adoption campaign succeeds.
 (  Vivienmuller /ht ) : Facebook : Twitter : Vimeo
 The watchme react to object close or within it sensory range

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