Jason Battersby’s Audi E-Bike design re-envisions the motorbike


( Jason /ht ) : twitter

Exterior designer jason Battersby adds a little twist to the motorized bike. The conceptual design  Audi-E is a n adjusted type of the electronic bike; with lighter materials and a rechargeable battery.

Both the wheels are lighter than a single conventional bike wheel , usually made from synthetic rubber and steel cables. The Audi-E bike wheel are to be made from carbon-fibre ( a less weighty material with much tensile strength to go with ) . The structure is rared streamed-lined to reduced air resistances and can be self charging.

The seat ramp holds the battery which charges by the ”  pedaling action ” and can be interchanged in the place it gets damaged.


the ramp  and frame casket are strong enough carry much higher tonnes of weight than conventional bike ; it can hold the rider , battery and the gear chain and  yet light enough to be carried as it will be made from the same material as the wheels ( Carbon fibre ).

Jason batersby is currently working as an exterior designer for Audi Konzept Design Munich.


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