Baade outfits damp logs with crystals lighting. And it’s brilliant


Coffee tables  lamps are an important resource for any bookworm. Mostly plastics and bulky, they aren’t exactly a perfect solution for the most conscious environmentalist, so what how would the books be read?  Manuel Baade , designer– part Carpenter- and animator from Germany proposes a natural model alternative which  he believes to have solve this problem. The  eco-cystrals.

A strong nature lover, his daily walks into the Forest to collect eatable Mushrooms brought him into the idea, after little mishap which see him collecting bio-luminescence  Mushrooms.Fascination brought him into  Electronics, LED Technologies and tool which came in handle through the production of his log-lamps.

Baade’s design is basic: the log to hold and serve as stand. Mountain crystals to intensify the level off luminosity and there is the connection to power. Where this design shine is the blend of the natural and artificial;  the  idea and simplicity of the natural environment brought to the reading table. He currently offer them for sale on his online store , and share some of his designs here



Fraktura – the second Life of a Piece of Deadwood and a few Mushrooms.



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