Maurice baltissen imagine animals in creative social situations.

Social media are all the rave now. And for so many- teens and celebrities alike- the day isn’t complete without a photo of the face with any intriguing backdrop.  “selfies”  as they are fondly called, are the big “thing” of our present social experience. They celebrate our love for things and help us appreciate us. 

Maurice, a netherland based 2d illustrator takes at spin on this whole culture. Using his new project; Farm selfies. He intend to ask if animals , given the chance would engage in this  move or “snappybration” .

He illustrated several farm animals in the process of taking selfies for this new work and it is hilarious. Graduated a graphic designer with focus on making  3d designs. He has so far done lots of other works.  Hi first work  ´Birthdaysuit´ centered on discovery  of the world. This allowed him a chance to travel through Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia.
” The reason I started my study in graphic design is that I love to create something that moves and influences people viewing it.” maurice had said on his website.

For some of his inpiring work do checkout his website. Below are samples of Farm selfies”  enjoy.




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