Benjamin Shine’s dynamic textile art in Paris CFW.

A new series of Tulle Flows  exhibited along side the Artisanal collection launched at the Couture FashionWeek in paris january and it stood out of the total collection. One of the reason was it wasn’t just fashion but also a sculpture; dynamic , flowing sculpture. The work of English artist, textile designer  Benjamin Shine

Parting way from its hardwood, and marble origins, Shine seek to force through fluidity, in the large face bust made from very thin , light textile materials and held together in place with pins. Unlike his previous projects which were installations and only displayed for visual purpose,  this Tulle Flow came attached to clothes allowing it more free movement than other traditional  displays.


Retaining the dominating theme of his general work. This new Tulle Flow was no different , but was a little bigger than previous works distinct in direction of purpose. It depicts the face of a woman on white , on an evening white dress.


Benjamin Shine studied fashion design at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Central St Martins in London. In 2003 he set up his creative studio, where materials, techniques and constructional ideas continue to inform his diverse portfolio and multidisciplinary approach.

Benjamin’s work has attracted a range of clients encompassing fashion labels, product and interior manufacturers, international Arts and Design institutions such as The Crafts Council, UK and The New York Museum of Arts and Design. Global brands include Givenchy, Barclays Wealth, MTV, Eurostar, Deutsche Bank, Coca-Cola and Google.

To date, Benjamin has won the Red Dot Design Award, The Enterprising Young Brit Award and The Courvoisier Future 500 Art & Design Award. View below for a list of his projects. 





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