In Pursuit of Night Light: By Iranian Mehran. N

A series of dark photograph, each  with captured features of nature in stillness with very faint lighting to show the way. The waters reflect  the moonlight off it rushing surface, the beach pebbles glow in the distance. All these effect  seem to give the photos a greyscale colouring.  The are all full misc images taken by Iranian photography , Mehran Naghsbandi  . Mehran had grown up in the mountainous regions of Sanandaj, Iran  where he had gain appreciation for the way the moon brought light to the valley. 

Most of his photos are fashioned similarly and taken late at night, tto early in the morning or during a for–mist. He explores a large range of theme with is photography, from urbanism , landscape to dynamic nature. 

“My passion is to reconnect human and nature. Make them see the spirit, pure beauty and details of their normal but simultaneously peculiar surroundings. ” he had said on his website.  

 nature around me so much. I hear the sea closer than any sound and hike for hours in the maze of jungles. I love to record the scenes many people have forgotten to see and feel clearly despite the fact that they are exposed to them every day.”

Born in Iran in 1990 ,he moved from his home town to north of Iran to study industrial design,

January 27, 2017

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