Meet Gita, a cargo-bot to help carry and deliver all your stuff.

 piaggio gita cargo bot 11
 piaggio gita cargo bot 12
Gita is PFF’s first  proportioned commercial product  launched in february second of this year (2017), it is supposed to match-up with speed , and coordination of the average human.  It is mostly autonomous and can , start, brake and continue motion based on command or control. 
PFF gita to free everyone from heavy task, and also provide some sort of assistance for the elderly, and physically challenged.  On the reason to outsource your your grocery run, PFF say: 

” think about how differently you would move if your hands were free, carrying cumbersome belongings wasn’t a consideration, and you had a companion who moved just like you do,’  




The Cargo -bot comes with  storage  different compartments to carry items  — freeing up your hands. It design also took into consideration breakable item, hence the wheel rotate independently from the carriage compartments keep the same parts in upright level all through it movement. And the rubber wheels help cushion vibration keeping delicate materials safe.

It comes with  LED lighting and an indicator bulb to keep track of battery levels. As for the misc, PFF is only releasing a bright blue color, white and flower blue- light violet-more is expected if this becomes quite successful.


gita cargo bot




gita display help with  battery levels and charging progress, as well as general notifications




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