‎Phosphorescent wall installations by Restate studios, for world Hunger.

Harreman is a  Basque artist;  a Spanish ethnicity on  the north eastern part of Spain). It’s formed by the verbs HARTU (Receive) and EMAN (Give). In a series of wall murals  restake studio   share certain themes and tries to create awareness for issues plaguing the world.

this project draws on reminiscence and the etymology of language, with an occasional nod to irony and showcases the use of photoluminescent paint, allowing multiple readings of the same work. Through the use of lights, the observer becomes an active participant; interacting with the work and creating its response to those actions.”  reStake Studios says.

By these interventions in the public space the intention is to try to light up dark corners of cities, both installing new lights and encouraging citizens to interact with the wall, painting with light on it.

Wall installation for the project #GeneraciónNoHunger of Action Against Huger powered by Festival Asalto Zaragoza  is an Intervention on a wall that invites us to think about the power of involvement to find effective solutions against huger. These days we have, more than ever, the knowledge, means and tools to do so. We are the first generation that can put and end to huger.


Another theme was  Unawareness’. This mural contrast the advances in space science with  relating  slowing deep-sea exploration.  Iluustrated at  at @fisart_fest (Timisoara, Romania). This work is part of Harreman Project. Which seeks answers on why the USA and Soviet space war effectively ended sea exploration.


The unaware glows at night



 This is named sombrar” (to amaze) comes from the word “sombra” (shadow) and refers to putting shadows to a concept that you already had clear. THis mural was at the Intervention at Fisart, Timisoara (Romania ) and featured a hand impression of a rabbit head.

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