Stephen Knapp explores Luminary polarized display with Lightpaintings


lightpaintings have been called the first unique art form of the twenty-first century.  As great as they look on pictures,  to see one in person kicks it up a notch.  Visual memory to prepare ourselves for paintings that are created just with light.

Lightpaintings have been called “light sculpture”, “new media”, “kinetic” and much more as viewers try to describe this new medium:

Lightpaintings are created by using  glasses treated with layers of metallic coatings to mimic polaroid prisms; which separates natural light into different wavelengths of the spectrum. Carefully cut, shaped and polished, the glasses make a palette which refract and reflect illumination onto a surface, with unique colourations and – the surrounding space.


Stephen Knapp’s Lightpaintings are a new art form, a new beginning and the next step in the evolution of painting. Dispensing with traditional media and narrative content   and at the intersection of paintings, sculpture and architecture, lightpaintings are intangible, multi-dimensional compositions of pure radiance making visible the light that surrounds us and transforming it into something physical yet inherently transcendental.

In his lightpaintings, Stephen Knapp recreates destinations, and a sense of place. Behind the lush colours and striking compositions underlies a serious exploration of space and dimension, light and colour and perception  are anecdotes of changing perceptione on art and a unique way on  how we look at objects.


Tailored to their immediate setting, Knapp’s lightpaintings embody an inherently unique and wholly original form of art that integrates sculptural, structural and purely visual elements into compositions that transform their environment and envelop the viewer in iridescent radiance. The resulting creation displays abstract art’s affinity with music; the relationship of form, space and color akin to those of melody, time signature and harmony.  Lightpaintings are in fact symphonies of colours.


Installing “Social Commentary”

“Transformation” At Constitution Center

“The Definition Of Possible” At Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Social Commentary” At The Boise Art Museum

“Prelude” At The Alexandria Museum Of Art


“Mining The Psyche”

“Knowing When”

“Into The Narrows”

Installing “First Symphony”

“First Symphony” At Ball State University

“False Prophet”

“Done For The Night”

Creating “Corner Connection”


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