NirVenaArt unveils it Wired Art installations

Nir vena art  just unveiled its new collection of art installations, minimalist and really light weighted. They are mimics of the various creatures of the zodiac astrological chart and other well known mystic creature.

But this is no ordinary wire installation. Made into small ; mostly table top sizes,  they fit perfectly with the coffee table decorations.  The major materials are basic aluminium and copper wires  sourced from used appliances, give a fresh use than filling up the landfills.

Wounded, wrapped and packed in intricate standing to produce scaled replicates; with spaces in-between to better express the surroundings while still keeping the focus on them; the art.

 ” The wire is an elegant and expressive material that speaks to you; it carries a story and personal touch of an artist who uses it. That’s why I love it so much – I spend hours with my wire threads and each wire artwork is unique and personal in its own way.”

she said. ” Creating beauty out of ugly and useless objects is also part of my artistic credo”

Nir Vena grew up around rural Bulgaria , this experience was her inspiration for most of her works. spending most of her  teen life  in  Mountainous Rhodope, inspired her to see magic in all kinds of ancient sanctuaries and otherworldly places.

When not creating beautiful, energetic and mysterious sculptures out of unneeded objects, She participates in mixed media performances, group exhibitions and solo exhibitions around the world.

Currently,  her  works include Zodiac and Greek mythology characters, inspired by the sky and star lights. Spelled by the magic of light,


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