How much is your trash; a 4year experiment hopes to find out

photographer Antoine Repessé stopped throwing away his recyclable trash. The photographer  collected ,  his empty plastics from the toilet, old magazine, and cartons of his favourite cereals. For Four years, he accumulated  waste (mostly inorganic) and his apartment was filled up, leavening him little room for living.  Over the 4 year period, the Lille-based artist  accumulated over 70 cubic metres of trash: 1,600 milk bottles, 4,800 toilet rolls, and 800 kg (~1,750 lb) of newspapers,

The wastes which now form his art and with his photography skill was able to put forward for message for the environment.  His powerful photo series, called ‘#365 Unpacked’, hopes to challenge us–  the end consumers — to rethink our role in the disposal of all our waste.

 “The choice of sorting the garbage gives a graphic effect. I tried to produce a perfect picture which evokes something disturbing.”

With his series, Antoine tackles the main obstacle against the decisive directions in waste management  – it’s how invisible these problems are in our day-to-day lives: “We’re often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of a picture can be more powerful than a ton of words,” remarks Repessé. “I hope my project can inspire change,” – and so do we.

(h/t: featureshoot, demilked)

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