A Panda in very masterpiece: Chinese artist imagines a panda reality

a replicate of Michelangelo’s  last supper is making wave across prominent Asian social platforms. Unlike any other replicates master pieces  this is a little  “not so similar” as  the 12 forms from this famous Christian religious event have all been replaced with  similar anthropological  creatures.  The panda is represented in all piece, and is an animal  symbol of china; .

That, and some other works of renaissance artists, Asian masters and Dutch golden age works. The illustrator Long seeks to give a dynamic , yet quirky feeling. Invigorating the otherwise still pieces with funny live expressions. So successfully updating them to the electronic era of art styles. 



Crafted and illustrated by Chinese artist who go by the moniker long72  on the social network,  Sina weibo.  And Sharing to his over 17k followers. His gallery features hundreds of pandaesques facsimiles of famous paintings.


As of previous works, he has otherwise crated similar but more contemporary styles of art form with pandas before, adding them to greeting cards and emoji templates and work as a digital icon creator in China.  



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