From the lair of wacky and surreal: a list of Pinterest’s trending design



Design can be interactive: engaging, intrinsic or demonstrative pending on the motive of that content’s creator. And carry-on with creativity in colours, pattern and form. And most importantly, means. Some designs are used as mediums for communication and interaction. And  fashion is one key instance of this information flow. It could either be interactive, dynamic or distracting; mostly due to the creators discretion.


Colours, shapes, and  the general forms are to an extend, determine by social trends ; what celebrities are wear, or most people like. But there are others designed and curated in isolation from those influences . Crafted out from the designers’ inspiration; unencumbered by tastes or market dictations.

These designs are somewhat- and at times– seem to be quaky and surreal, as their forms are new hence challenging for most of us to regularize. Most are classified by our senses of normalcy as as surreal and out of touch.  Picking exclusively from interest ,@Ausquerry lists some of the wackiest and some what strange fashion design ideals floating around the pin-space .


Reviews and selections were done by our culture editor Oseewiz LIan. And all images were collocated, and shared under fair us from pinterest.




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