David Moreno crafts dynamic Minimalist structures from wires.

A combination of wires, and  light wood and seem to hang free, these make up a series of wire-frame structures by  digital artist David Moreno. Seeking to examine the workings of “what make up” architectural form as whole David had stripped bare  his buildings, created without covering, and leaving the intrinsic support systems exposed; a mesh-up of wires and serially laid out plain wood.



Based in Barcelona, this Spanish digital artist, and architect, found his niche with recreation of contemporary, and classic Roman archs; structures in forms which are  non-linear, a bit  disordered yet minimalist in design direction. This otherwise wire-frame depictions take various forms: Archs, bridges, single and double storey houses. On first glance they seen unplanned and out of pattern, but closer look reveals an intricately layered connection; between each material.


 Creating of most of this , seemly random pictures, and design form took considerable amount of time . Selection process including lots of  3d rendition, and alternatives;  on  the design soft ware ” Auto-desk”.  From which the selection slim out most of his ideas, and the picks lots are then  recreating from wires and wood. David’s structures are of the simplest form yet concealing so many information.






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