Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science, Scotch College

Engaging curious minds’ is the Scotch College Science motto, thinking which became intrinsic to the design of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science for year 7-12 students. The SZCCS includes 21 general science and specialist laboratories, student-lead research spaces, prep rooms, staff facilities, collaborative areas and an auditorium. The architecture supports the pedagogical program of Scotch College: integration of theoretical and practical learning which includes group, independent and tutor-supported learning.


The building is a contemporary but sympathetic addition to the Campus. It comprises sandstone-clad pods floating on a limestone plinth and linked by glazed facades. Vertical stone louvres incorporate a sine-curve and a central void introduces light into the floor plate. The design brief was a building that would last 100 years. It’s hoped that the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science will prepare students for a lifetime of learning and curiosity-both within and beyond the fields of Science.

Photographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)


15015271655839697jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271652889696jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271650259693jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271642889689jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271636039687jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271623359686jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271609999685jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)

15015271578409683jpgPhotographer: John Gollings (@johngollings)




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