visualising symptoms for sinusitis by Tiago Hoisel

Sinus  is a bacteria infection which could result in inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Prelude to a Sinus infection ( about 7 to 10 days)  is usually a relatively high quantity of symptoms.  Beginning with a cold (for example, a runny nose, occasional cough and/or mild fever), and then develop into pain and pressure in the sinus cavities.

Each of the graphical illustration is an attempt to visualise the physically of the various symptoms, exaggerated and colourful to  get the public aware  and recall about it preluding signs. Primarily the work of Tiago Hoisel  and his team of designers and illustrators, the illustrations only cover a fraction of the symptoms.

” This is a series of illustration and animations I did for a campaign created by the JWT New York for a medicine for sinusitis.” Tiago had said.



.facial pain

To create awareness around this little known infection; Brazilian illustrator and digital designer was contacted  by  The New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, to make a visual yet satirical illustrations about the various symptoms to parallel a better understanding and help  ingrain it’s signs in the mind of the public consciousness.


.nasal discharge



.Nasal Blockage



.Complicated congestion






.pressure in the sinuses


.puffiness around the eyes



.bad breath





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