Descent installation features 20,000 painted screws for the 2017 Artprize

Half painting, half sculpture, a study of balance, chaos and harmony. The piece features a lengthy portrait of a semi-clad lady traced out with coloured screws. Descent weighs over 350lb, and standing seven feet tall, the art installation is a mosaic of 20,000 screws and is a challenge to transport.

The mosaic features large chunks of decking and framing screws set meticulously into painted pine board at varying depths is on entries for the Artprize 2017 ; an  independently organised international art competition which takes place for 19 days each fall ( closing October 8 ) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



Created by Bruce Mackley ; an illustrator, and painter of arts, and art theme projects Decsent is one of over a thousand ntrries yet for th 2017 prize. This is the second such piece he has created, the first was entered in a Midwestern art fair last year, where he found it appealed to new and unexpected demographics.

” Choosing such an improbable medium isn’t without some unexpected consequences, and the final effect can be unexpected and somewhat overwhelming. The main challenge is just sticking with it; this piece (as well as my 2016 effort) didn’t really materialize until the final phase” He says.



And due to the delicate nature of the installation, a custom cart had to be fabricated, dedicated for its transportation around his studio and for display purposes ;  ensuring the screws stay in Place.
Descent will be exhibited at The B.O.B. (an acronym for Big Old Building) in downtown Grand Rapids this fall during ArtPrize 9, if you want to check it out yourself.









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