A series of Photogram highlights body art in Yoga.

A series of yoga photograms are set to highlight the dynamic form of the human body. Taken behind concealing glass, ”Yoga photograms” are the forms and positions of the body art form of  Yoga; the eastern Asian aerobics which blends exercise and spiritually.


Yoga Photogram, Happy Baby Pose

each positions are animated to a certain degree. And feature unique blend of traditional human positions , hybridised with animal  and improvised ones.

For a real-time viewing of this rather engaging art form , the total sets of portraits are on display  through november 25, 2017 at london’s RN at 5A — a new central london exhibition and studio space launched by the artists. presented by creators rob and nick carter  the UK based artists. They  seek to push  frontiers with this latest body project. As Yoga photo-gram questions traditional postures, and seems to add a bit flavour to whole experience.




Yoga Photogram,Head to knee Pose


rob-and-nick-carter-yoga-photogram-designboom-05Yoga Photogram, Flying Monkey Pose



Yoga Photogram, Bound Angel  Pose



Yoga Photogram, turtle Pose



Yoga Photogram, Plough Pose



Yoga Photogram, Extended Butterfly Pose


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