Raubdruckerin stamps manhole covers on wearable items

raubdruckerin is an experimental printmaking project, which uses urban structures like manhole covers, grids, technical objects and other surfaces of the urban landscape, to create unique graphical patterns on street-wear basics, fabrics and paper.


Each design is unique and feature rub ons;  on street manholes using a mixture of basic paste for textiles and pigments. A water based, environmentally friendly and washable  ink. And after the surfaces are clean enough, the wears are imprinted to create the necessary patterns.

“ the idea is to stimulate our perception regarding the relationship to our surrounding, refine everyday routines, as well as being sensitive to the beauty hidden in the unexpected.” raubdruckerin says.

every piece is hand printed, mainly on-site in the public space, as a footprint of the city. Raubdruckerin which roughly translates as “pirate printer” is based in Berlin, but mostly on the road doing prints of streets and manhole covers. it hopes to print every unique street conners in all over European cities.





founded by Emma-France Raff  (with her father Johannes Kohlrusch as cofounder) Raubdruckerin start off as an experiment with urban printing from 2006 and now have frown from it initial location in Portugal ( Lisbon ) to their current base in Berlin Germany.


Raff seeks to challenge the current model of mass production and ush for a sustainable future.  Hence all printing productions is kept minimal and done by her and her team.







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