Gateways features four uniquely shaped doorways clad in c

featuring four non-symmetrical polyhedrons ( 4×4 with spaces inbetween )  covered entirely with tiles of different colourations. The Gateways is a one of many installations opening at Granary Square, in King’s Cross London for the London annual design exhibition. Called the Designjunction  the trade and design show is an annual in London.

Created out of regular bathroom and kitchen tiles, Gateways makes a statement about the history of ceramics use in architecture ;   highlighting the importance of ceramics in big monumental  projects in history, and potentials for future building designs. The project  was a collaboration between Turkishceramics and London designer  Adam Nathaniel Furman


Gateways was the headline item of the BBC evening news’ coverage of the London Design Festival, as well as being featured prominently in the Guardian, Telegraph, Times, and numerous other media outlets. It was also shared to a very great degree on Social Media.

“…ceramics are materials you could use in every situation,they are wonderful you can create patterns and use in all types of different colours; affordably, simply, cheaply and also use them outside.”    Adam says on  his choice of materials.



Adam teaches, and practises architecture in London and the US. and with Gateways,  seeks with his colourful new direction, to inspire the use more use of tiles which goes beyond the kitchen splash-backs and the bathroom floor-floors ; and add a little colour in  and fun into architecture design ideas.

Other of his works has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Rome, Eindhoven, Minneapolis, Portland, & Glasgow,



















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